Publications & conference papers

Journal publications 

Thara, Kaveri (2016) Protecting caste livelihoods on the western coast of India: an intersectional analysis of Udupi’s fisherwomen.” Environment and Urbanization, Vol 28(2), 423-436.

Poverty and marginalisation: challenges to poor women’s substantive leadership in urban India, Gender and Development, Vol. 16, No. 3, November 2008.

Gender identity in urban poor mobilizations: evidence from Bengaluru, Environment and Urbanisation, (2013) Vol 25(1): 125–138.


Book chapters

‘Preserving Wellness and Personhood: A Psycho Social Approach to the Child’, in Kalpana Kannabiran & Ranbir Singh (eds.) 2008, Challenging the Rule(s) of Law: Colonialism, Criminology And Human Rights In India, India: Sage Publications.

Haritas, Kaveri & Seshadri, Shekhar (2012) ‘Story-Telling, A Qualitative Participative Method in Research with Children’ in Seshadri, Shekhar & Maitra, Shubada (eds.) Play: Experiential  Methodologies in Developmental and Therapeutic Settings, Orient Blackswan.

Haritas, Kaveri (2009) Political Engagement of Women in India: the new paradoxes of inequality of sex, class and caste in postcolonial India, in Verschuur, Christine (ed.) Vents d’Est, vents d’Ouest, Mouvements de femmes et féminisme anticoloniaux, Cahiers genres. 


‘Associations’, ‘Avocats’, ‘Féminisme’ et ‘Femmes’, Dictionnaire de l’Inde Contemporaine (Dictionary of contemporary India), under the direction of Frédéric Landy, Armand Colin, Paris.

Magazine publications
Inde: Une femme sans homme n’est rien, Interview, 10.01.2013, Le Hebdo,

 Forthcoming :

Thara, Kaveri. ‘In troubled waters’ Gender & Development, July 2017.

Thara, Kaveri (2017) ‘Résistence cachée et réproduction sociale : les mobilisations des femmes pauvres à Bangalore’, Genre et économie solidaire, des croisements nécessaires. Cahiers genre et développement. No. 10. (Dir.) C. Verschuur, I. Guérin et I. Hillenkamp. Paris : L’Harmattan.

Thara, Kaveri. Women at intersections, gender, poverty, law and the state in Bangalore (Book under review with Routledge publications, Urban South Asia Series).


Conference papers

The ethnographic imagination of domination in India – the potential and limits of reflexivity in contemporary research’ to be presented in ‘Comment identifions nous, décrivons nous et nommons nous les rapports de domination (How do we identify, describe and name relations of domination), conference to be held on 28-30 November 2016 (CESSMA- Université Paris Diderot)

Fishy business: the women fish sellers of Udupi‘, Feminist Analysis of Solidarity Economy Practices: Views from Latin America and India, conference held on 28-29 January 2016, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.

Antagonistic Alliances – the practice of slum law in India’ presented at the conference ‘Non State Legal Practices in India’, 5-7 December 2015, Manipal Centre for Philosophy & Humanities, Manipal University

‘Space and the experience of education in an urban poor area in Bangalore’, presented at the Conference ‘Caste Experience and Poverty of Education Perspectives from South India’, 8-9 December 2014, Manipal Centre for Philosophy & Humanities, Manipal University (conference organised by me)

The place of women in local and neighbourhood based mobilisations in urban poor areas’ presented at the ‘6ème congrès international des recherches féministes francophones’ ( 6th international French feminist research congress, University of Lausanne, 29 Aug. – 2 September 2012). Panel : ‘Plurality of Resistances’ organised by me with the guidance of the co-director of my thesis : Dr. Christine Verschuur


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